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  1. aaron.anthony


    Is there any eta on remote voice tacking? Have someone great ready to go, but no way to do it. She's 3 states away. I don't want to go to another platform, but this is seriously limiting.
  2. aaron.anthony

    More on Voicetracking

    Hey, any idea when remote voicetracking might become a feature?
  3. aaron.anthony

    Stats question

    When I look at curent listeners, it's abysmal. When I click on statistics, it shows a significant number of listeners in the last 28 days. What would cause this, and which is accurate if any?
  4. aaron.anthony


    Is RadioBoss able to handle remote voice tracking? If not, is this something that's in the works?
  5. aaron.anthony

    RadioCaster Question

    I run radioboss cloud and the express version when I go live using radiocaster to switch to live from the cloud. Is there any way for radiocaster to automatically engage and connect? I have Radioboss Express set to load playlist and go at 6am, but I have to be around to click the mouse on...
  6. aaron.anthony

    Music Scheduling

    Need a music scheduler in the cloud version.  right nw, a playlist contains only "Random" tracks.  You could drop and drag, but 24 hours 7 days a week isn't feasible.  How about a feature where you set up a clock with the folders you'd like in order as it is now, and have it generate a track...