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    Has anyone figured out the easiest way to stream live to facebook?

    I have tried the tutorial in the help menu a hundred times but could not stream to Facebook, my boss tasked me to stream all the news to Facebook using the scheduler, Thanks
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    Does Radio boss have a security feature for preventing people from dragging & dropping songs in the main playlist?

    Hello, I have a problem restricting people from dropping songs in the main playlist, it worked well with the cart wall.
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    Stream Sounds like phone quality

    Hi all, i didn't know what i did, my stream sounds low as if it is phone call quality. I taught it was the bitrate, but after i increased it, still it did not fix it. What could be the problem?
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    Drive Letter Changes

    Hello, I scheduled RB to play files from my Computer drive (G) but after sometime, it automatically change to (H) making scheduled events fail to play. I restored my saved settings but it didn't work! What should i do?
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    merging different drives for remote API commands

    I have been successful in using Remote API after mapping two network drives, this time I have failed to map our new Studio computer so I resorted to using Googles free 15 GB and I set radio boss to play adverts from there and when I delete a file in one computer, it will update both computers...
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    How do i move my library to a different computer with all playlists?

    Hi, I have saved my RB settings and Data base successfully, but when I copied my folders to a new computer, all the settings were restored but when I open a playlist, it will show all the tracks, but it won't play. But when I search the tracks, they will play individually but am not ready to...
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    I have asio4all but how do I set it?

    I keep listening to my voice but delayed in the mic, what should I do?
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    Where is my RadioBoss API address Ads scheduler is asking?

    Am still using the scheduler to run ads, till today I decided to use the RB ads scheduler and at some point, I was asked to insert the RadioBoss API address. Am stuck! NOTE: I have enabled API in two computers which are both mapped to the same drive with RB and would like to do remote control...
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    Radio Caster and logger security

    Hello everyone, I love RB security features but radio Logger and Caster can't be protected by password, several times I found Radio caster or logger is accidentally closed by my Station DJs which disconnect online listeners while RB plays music to only those listening on local transmitter. How...
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    What is API?

    Am new to RB, I just bought it yesterday and tried to ask questions about what API first of all means and how it works. I have read about it several times in the help menu but is it using the internet? Does it mean I command a Studio with RB using another Studio also using RB? Is there a simple...
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    I have failed to buy Radio Boss

    I have tried RB for weeks and finally decided to click the "Buy" button but after filling in all the information the next screen tells me the cart is empty and I cant see the "add to cart" tab. I leave in an area where people don't use fax. Thanks
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    Number of Users after buying RM

    Hello, am still trying Radio Boss but I want to know how many users after buying the