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  1. Ron

    Mic on left side only?

    Any way to fix mic on left side only, This is kinda annoying.
  2. Ron

    Start,Mix,End Issues......

    I am have issues with Track tool. When I do start mix end the red line to end song stay in the middle of song and wont move and it, Won't change at all I have to mess with it can you guys have a look at that and fix it.
  3. Ron

    64bit vst?

    Every plugin company I go to is 64bit soon nothing will work with radio boss, I suggest either your audio cleaning tools for mic. Built into radio boss or add 64bit support for vst, So we can use the audio cleaning tools like izotop. Right now there is no way to make the mic sound professional I...
  4. Ron

    New version issues?

    I am having issues with eh music overlapping in the new version, Well music will run into the previous track playing instead of fading in proper. Also how do i use the Lufs EBU setting to set all my music to -24 lufs as standard.
  5. Ron

    Issue with freezing?

    I had to reinstall the software to stop the freezing, I don't know if the software will stop freezing but its working for now but i need it stable so I am gonna have to wait till next update. I think windows update might of caused an issue or something.
  6. Ron

    SideChain Compression Question?

    I am wondering has anyone, Got good settings for sidechain compressor? I would like to use it to make my voice over power the music better or should i say my input. I have see other videos on this but, I look at RadioBoss and see that the compressor is a little different. I also talk into the...
  7. Ron

    Generator Pro Issues?

    The generator pro aint working right, Any ideas on that? some songs are not being seperated by my timekinda weird what is the proper way to use generator pro?
  8. Ron

    issue when loading?

    Maybe you guys know what is going on, I am having this issue and need help. Below is an image of the issue i am having. KI get an Init error code 5 i think kinda weird.
  9. Ron


    Plugins should automatically scan, When you go to add them they don't. Forcing you to disable and enable can plugins, Can you make it auto Scan for new plugins?
  10. Ron

    Audio interfaces support?

    What about making better support for audio interfaces such as these below? -Focusrite Scarlett -Presonus AudioBox USB Interfaces -M-Audio M-Track 2X2 -Roland Duo-Capture EX -Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 -Behringer FCA610 -TASCAM US-2X2 USB Audio Interface -MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid -Blue...
  11. Ron

    On air light?

    I am looking for a on-air light USB if possible. When I go live the light will light up any ideas on this?
  12. Ron

    Static when using mic?

    i hear static when I am using my mic not oo much just a little crackles could this be the buffer settings?
  13. Ron

    Fading degrades quality?

    I am sorry for all the posting, But I am reporting all the issue I am having. Just in case you guys can fix this, I am having a fade quality issue. Any way to fix the fade so its smooth and no quality loss issue?
  14. Ron

    ASIO4All Issues?

    i am getting a weird, Tick tick tick sound then cuts out when using ASIO4ALL. Any ideas on what this could be? Just wondering why this is doing that.
  15. Ron

    Bug reports

    When having the mic button on the left by the plugins and scheduler i see it doubles my windows glitching out the program any ideas?
  16. Ron

    intro mp3 file issues?

    I know I complained about, This before but can you please fix this. Cause Centova cast don't support opus.
  17. Ron

    Testing new opus libopus 1.2-alpha

    Here is a link to get, The latest version compiled. As always you can get it from there site, Then compile it your self. Up to you I am running sse2 but you have tones of options.
  18. Ron

    Broadcast Clock?

    What about a broadcast clock would this work at all? I am using software but this would be cool to have in this software. link removed
  19. Ron

    Auto Mic Gain?

    Look here what about, Some features from here like auto mic gain?
  20. Ron

    Centova Cast and RadioBoss question?

    Can i see the song request in radioboss from centova cast if possible can I intergrate centova cast to into radio boss so i can play requested songs?