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    Redundancy in playout

    Typically, in an 247 playout, we use at least 2 encoders in parallel to supply then 2 DAB+ streams over 2 different path to the transmitters. RB supply an audio stream and 2 different PCs are connected in parallel. Fine. Thats working 99%. But to supply the track title text file to the PCs, we...
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    Feature requests: 2 new %variables?

    I have 2 small feature requests: A new variable like the existing "%len". But for the real lenght, because if the gap killer is activated, the track is shorter than the original. So, "%reallen" for example. Nearly every track is shorter than the original and I use the "%len" for a progress bar...
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    Display error of track title lenght in tracklist mode | %len

    I display my track information with title format string %artist | %title | %len | %playcount as you can see in the screenshot. There is a display error in tracklist playout. Example: The real track time is for the Eloy title 7:09. As displayed correct in the tracklist line. The On Air display...
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    After Crash restart allways in "Left Channel only" and "Malfunction Repeat Protection"

    Hello support team. I run since several weeks 2 to 3 Radioboss Playouts in parallel on a Windows Server 2012 R2. Hosting on a Dell 24 Core Server. Some RB always crashes 1 to 3 times a day. I saw one live in a freeze (volume Peak meter), then after around 10 seconds, the supervisor thread kills...