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    Resetting Track Tool Info

    We'd like to remove any Track Tool info (intro/outro/fades/mix) from the tracks in our library.  Obviously this can be done on a track-by-track basis by checking the "Delete additional info from file" box in Track Tool, but is there to do this for a group of tracks (or an entire playlist)?  If...
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    Wall of Fame

    Well a promise is a promise, Dmitry.  We said that if you ever added the ability to edit the current track crossfades as an RB feature we would put your picture up in the Boston Free Radio studio.  You've gone and done it, so you are now permanently part of our studio.  Many thanks for your...
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    VBR MP3s in the Segue Editor

    Hello and season's greetings to you, Dmitry - You may remember a couple of years ago we found that the gap killer was occasionally clipping off the beginnings and endings of VBR MP3s in on-air playback.  I'm finding something similar happening in the Segue Editor -- a track will end abruptly...
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    Segue Editor Issue

    It seems that occasionally the Segue Editor plays a mix in the main output that's significantly different than what was created and saved in the Editor -- the second track starts several seconds before it should.  (The segue is being saved for current playlist only.) It seems to happen only...
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    Track Number Display?

    Can the Track Number be added to "Track Properties" as well as the Information display in the playlist?  Sometimes I can't remember the name of the song but I know it's the 3rd track on the CD!  Thanks.
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    Scheduler: Timing of Multiple Events

    This one has been a problem for a while: we want to generate a multi-hour playlist with an introductory track at the start ("It's time for jazz on MyRadioStation...").  But Playlist Generator Pro takes a while to create the playlist (1-2 minutes, or more) so we want to wait until the playlist is...
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    Saving Cart Walls

    It would be great if we had the ability to open and save cart walls like we do playlists.  That way each show could have the wall configured with the tracks that they want.  Thanks.
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    Multiple Broadcast Encoders/Different Metadata Formats?

    Is there a way to have the metadata (titles) format differ for each broadcast encoder?  And is it possible to have *no* metadata sent for a particular encoder?  (We'd rather use the HTTP request to send data in a custom format.)  Thanks.
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    SHOUTcast authentication error using Invalid DJ / User ID

    I'm trying to set up the SHOUTcast source DSP to get my station listed in the SHOUTcast directory, but the error msg I'm getting says I need to have a DJ or user ID in the login.  But we've haven't been given a DJ/user ID for our account (the email address doesn't work).  How can we...
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    Playlist Generator and DMCA Regs

    I'm sure US Internet radio stations would appreciate being able to select settings for Playlist Generator Pro that conform to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act regulations limiting the number of tracks from a particular artist and/or album over a 3-hour block.  (I can provide the details if...
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    Rescan command in Scheduler? (and error handing)

    Is it possible to add a rescan directory/file structure command in the Scheduler (i.e., a scheduled "F1" key stroke)?  We often remove outdated MP3s remotely (expired promos, for example) but RB occasionally tries to grab a deleted track and play it, usually resulting in a fatal error and a...
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    Segue/Mix Data Option in Scheduler?

    Would it be possible to add an option in the Scheduler to have RB ignore mix points, fade-ins/-outs, and other saved segue information for tracks added by the Scheduler?  We're finding that hosts are creating segues for their saved live-show playlists, but the segue info is retained and used...
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    Segue Editor in Production Mode

    We use the Segue Editor a lot, including as a production tool (hosts create playlists with segues off-air for future use).  The problem is, the segue data isn't being saved in the playlist because RB is not playing a song while the segues are being created.  Is it possible to have the Segue...
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    Publisher tag field?

    Any thought to adding the Publisher tag field (for record label) as an option for the title format display in RB?  I know our Music Director would love to be able to see that info when compiling our airplay charts for new releases.  Thanks!
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    Review of Requests

    I don't mean to be overly critical but none of these changes have been implemented in RadioBOSS 4.7.4.  Really, we're grownups here -- if something is requested that you aren't going to add (either short-term or long-term), it's perfectly OK to say "not any time soon" or "no, I don't think...
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    Segue Editing of Current Track

    It's far from a complaint, as we love what RB can do now with segues.  But it *would* be very useful during live shows to be able to edit the current track's segue into the next track (at least while the first portion of the track is playing).  Not all our hosts are able to "work ahead"!
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    Track Length Info Sent to Live365

    There's been a long-standing problem with the data that RB sends (or doesn't send) to Live365.  Back in November 2010 you indicated that the format for the HTTP (GET) text for Live365 should be: You also said the "seconds" and "filename" fields are not yet available.  So it's not clear how...
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    Scheduler: Adding Tracks to "Absolute" End of Current Playlist

    We are trying to have the scheduler generate a music playlist and have the results added to the end of the playlist that's already running in RB -- regardless of whether the playlist tracks are from the scheduler or manually added.  Right now the "enqueue" option adds a new playlist to the end...
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    Notification of Problems?

    We have (finally) started running RadioBOSS 24/7 at our station and are learning (from our mistakes) how to configure the scheduler.  It seems to me it would be useful if RadioBOSS could be set up to send a text or email if, say, the silence detector is triggered, or if a scheduled event fails...
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    Problem with read_folder command run from playlist

    We are trying to run the read_folder command from a playlist (by putting the command in a separate .command file and invoking it from the playlist).  The folder's contents are read and shuffled as expected, but the first *two* songs are played simultaneously.  Not really the effect we're looking...