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    Help with setting up Scheduler

    thnks Dmitry for the answare...i already did that... please can u answare the mail i ve send u couple of days ago about RadioBoss soft?
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    Help with setting up Scheduler

    But is not ok to disable event at, because, for example, i have a playlist schedule that i want to be played between 00:00 and 06:00 in the morning. That should not disable the event, just to suspend it after 06:00 AM, and restart at 00:00.. Thats my actual problem now on my RadioBoss Cloud..I...
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    Hello guys!

    I represent an online radio station with different brodcasting locations, from Italy to Romania and UK. The complete team of our radio station is 18 people. We are interested in aquire your soft, but we need some details on the licence part for all this 18 PCs with different locations and ips...