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    Hour Markers

    Can you add hour markers like SPL in the playlist screen?
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    Stream Name

    Unable to rename stream name, tried on IE and Chrome to no avail. Suggestion?
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    Easiest way to set up usb mixer with Radio Boss

    I just got a Mackie ProFX8 USB mixer, I'd like to set how others are setting up their mixers. I'm not doing any Skype or radio call ins yet.  Thanks in advance
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    Am I the only one who see's this !!

    This is on the schedule tab after you add a schedule event. The text runs overtop of the next sentence.
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    Audio Processing

    Will RB have any audio processing in the future compared to Sam Broadcaster's. If not what are other users using?
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    Loudcity closing down

    For those running legal internet radio, who are you using for license & royalties
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    Izotope Nectar

    Anyone else using this plugin, if so, how did you configure it to work with RB. Thanks
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    Using Izotope Nectar VST Plugin

    How to configure external VST plugins