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    Radioboss Song tags

    Anyone else having an issues with random tags being distorted after updating to the latest radioboss? I've been with radioboss for two years now and never had this issue before, but now I have to fix several tags after the enw update. name of artist and song repalced with ?L.......  wth
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    RB hipcups on playback

    Anyone else having this problem? Just recently my radioboss does constant hipcups when playing. Music stops one to two seconds constantly. What can be wrong?
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    BUg with "peak listeners"

    I noticed ever since this was introduced that this will not record total listeners from all streams in radioboss in minimazied . When i open the return to the window the peak listener ount is the same as the total listeners, and then it just starts to show the difference from that point. Also...
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    Preview Setup

    I remember a few versions ago i was able to preview a song and it would come out of one side of the headphones or one side of the speakers. Now after updating a few times i dont see how i can do this, everytime i try to preview something it plays over the current song, on my end. How can i set...
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    Anyway to stream a Ustream stream??

    Want to broadcast a a stream already on line but don't know what to enter for a ustream already live and relay it on radioboss into shoutcast. Any idea if it can be done?
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    total Listeners peak request.

    I would be great if you guys added "peak listeners" in the "broadcasting statistics"  for "total listeneres". I can track the highest amount of listeners per stream, but it does not record that for total listeners, where it adds the current listeners from all streams. All my streams are the...
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    Shoutcast server not working with new radioboss

    I keep getting this. I have already change password just like you have on guide, now what? <01/01/12@18:38:23> [SHOUTcast] DNAS/win32 v1.9.8 (Feb 28 2007) starting up... <01/01/12@18:38:23> [main] loaded config from C:\Program Files (x86)\SHOUTcast\sc_serv.ini <01/01/12@18:38:23> [main]...
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    Radioboss bug won't let me operate radioboss!!

    I have radioboss and while adding events radioboss have a access violation message and froze. I restarted my computer and everything but now when i open up radio boss i get tons of windows non-stop of access violation at address 0080b4c6 in module 'radioboss.exe read of address...
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    Will Radioboss work if you lock windows?

    I haven't tried it since i always have listeners and im afraid it will drop them. Will radioboss still work and stream if i lock Windows i lock mode?
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    So this version is supposed to let you enter different info for all encoders, right? How do i make this possible? it still has the same info for all outputs, you change one and they all auto change to the samething....
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    When are the bugs goign to get fixed? wheres the update

    we got left with a buggy version and still no update? Is "play above air" that ahrd to fix? when is the new version going to be released?
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    does having a good sound card make a difference with radioboss?

    I know radioboss works with most if not all sounds cards. But If I was to buy a sound blaster xfi champion serious sound card, creative's best sound card, will that improve the sound of what the listeners hear on their end? In order words, will it improve my sound quality of my stream in any...
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    How to add multiple streams?

    I know I can add multiple streams with different bitrates, but how can I run multiple radiobosses? I would like to have to play two different genres, and stream different music.
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    HTTP (GET) with live 365

    I am trying to use HTTP to send the track info to live 365 server. These are the instrucitons for sam, which i am adding the url with my login info, and live 365 does reflect everytime i chnage a song, but it shows "blank" for tile song ect..  how can i make this more? RELAY BROADCASTERS USING...
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    Is it possible to schedule a stream from another website.

    What if i wanted to stream another radio station's stream for an hour. What would i need to do.
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    shoutcast DNAS 2 beta work with radioboss?

    I want to do multiple streams at 128 and 64 with the new dnas, but dont know how. will a guide be made on how to do this on shoutcast and radioboss, like the one there is now for the old one?
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    Can you make one task to beplayed on different days and times?

    If i wasnted to play a playlist on certain days, but a different times each day, how would i do it? would i have to make different task of the same playlsit of each day? because i dont want it to play at the same time all the time. Monday it would be at  1pm, tuesday at 5pm, ect..
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    "Peak listeners" what does this really show?

    I first i thought it showed the highest number that listen at the same time since stream started. But it showed a higher number, but during the day the max number of listeners at the same time avergae a low number of what the highest record showed. What does this really mean or represent. PS...
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    how to enable shuffle in scheduled playlist?

    well, when I open a playlist normally I can enable shuffle in the player, and it will work and shuffle songs in playlist opened. BUT when a playlist is opened or starts from the scheduler, the scheduled playlist will not shuffle the songs, even if the shuffle button is enabled in the player. ...
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    How to broadcast on icecast

    I keep getting Connection/Encoder died. What do i need to change in the config file. I am using127.1.1.0:8000 for shoutcast. What should i use for ice cast?  can i get a step by step guide like there is one for shoutcat on this site?