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    Headphones: preview or air

    Hello, I have a request: Currently we are using headphones to pre-hearing and the airing listen have speakers. It occurred to me that like Virtual DJ, in previewing the output Control Could be put to listening to the radio and also airs the pre-listening. also: It does not work: remove played...
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    VST in microphone

    Hi, I have a request, I need to use a VST plugins only on the mic. I downloaded iZotope nectar and loved it, great, I use my microphone but this is not currently possible. On the other side when you are adding the categories of music? Thanks.
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    Problems with streaming playback

    Hello, how are you?. Well since early this year we moved the radio to another much larger city, to enable us. The problem was that moved the studios, but the FM transmitter plant remained in the city is 300 kilometers (186.41 miles), so the only option is to link via streaming 24 hours a 192k...
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    play a playlist .m3u from Windows Explorer

    You can play a list .m3u in RB from Windows Explorer using "open with> choose default program >> RadioBOSS"?
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    error generating a playlist

    Hello, I want to tell a rare bug that happens to me occasionally. At night we use Playlist Generator Pro by the developer for a list of 5 hours, from a playlist. M3u containing about 1000 songs. The problem is that ever happened to me that when it starts to generate the disk usage event is...
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    custom buffer size for streaming

    hello! first of all I want to inform you of an error. when playing streaming RB CurrentSong file is not updated when you change the song that aired on the internet radio. well here I what worries me: we are broadcasting an event live every day right through shoutcast link to 192 kbps. the...
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    re-play again

    hello, can you tell me what is the replay function again? I like having it off because I turn up the volume so the songs down, but this I change the name I see on screen.
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    Problem witch radio Boss

    Well again I am writing to inform you that I found two errors in the software. well since last vercion dragging a tea from a folder to the program. gives the following error when closing radio boss: And the other is on the Playlist generator pro. Given the following configuration (as...
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    >several things...

    Hello how are you? well I have so many requests that I will list: 1: First things first, well it turns out that in my country we have a budget radios for programming, we use a recorded programs that charge a monthly fee. the subject is so good, they send us the program as follows...