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    A couple requests

    Hello, I was wondering if I could ask for a couple things I thought would help me out. * Can the VU meter in the center also show the Cart Wall playback? * Can the Record Voice Track have the ability to be saved to a specific folder of our choosing? Can we get a record voice track straight to...
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    Scarlett 4i4 ASIO outputs

    I am trying to run two instances of RB and setting the 1st instance to Focusrite ASIO outputs 1 and 2 and the 2nd instance to ASIO outputs 3 and 4. I can not get both to work at the same time. If I'm using only one of the programs I can get either outputs 1/2 or 3/4 to work on it, if I open...
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    Cart Wall track tool not working

    Hello again! The Track Tool isn't working when opened in the Cart Wall tab. Seems to work fine when opened in playlists though. I am on the latest version, Thanks for looking into this, I really use this tool in the cart wall a lot for live shows.
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    Novation midi controller support?

    Hello. Any chance for Novation support to trigger cart walls? Would make life much nicer. Thanks
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    Cart Wall track tool?

    Any chance you could add the option to edit tracks using the cart wall R-Click? As of now I have to edit the music files then select them in the cart tab. This would be the biggest help to me day to day and would save a bunch of time.
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    What did I do??

    Hey guys, I have 3 events that start at specified times. I added a non-event playlist that I start manually from time to time and now when my other 3 events start they have one or more of the new playlist songs in their playlist... So if I start the events manually they are fine. If the...
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    Play Next?

    What happened to the right click on a song in a playlist and being able to select play track next? This would let the playlist continue from that point. I use this feature everyday! Any workaround or a chance to bring it back? TIA
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    RB Stops Playing when Internet Disconnects?

    Hello. I do not use this program for streaming music. I use it in a showroom and I have an issue. When my router becomes unplugged or disconnected RB stops playing the current song. Also, if there is a disruption in internet service, the same thing will happen. I have all streaming turned off...