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  1. Radioman

    2 tracks are playing at the same time

    Hi, I am playing the news bulletin in multiple action mode. I have classified this as follows: 1. News opener (jingle) 2. News bulletin (MP3 file) 3. Hour opener. (Jingle) As soon as it enters the playlist via the scheduler on the top of the hour, the news opener will play, followed by the...
  2. Radioman

    Transfer database

    I want to use RB permanently but i have 30.000 tracks om my pc. I have 5000 tracks in radiodj and stored in Maria db. Is there a option to transfer those 5000 tracks to the RB database?
  3. Radioman

    Artist seperation

    Hi, i use Radioboss standaard and i have create a rotation with artist seperation rules. See attached the settings. But it still happens that the same artist is playing within one hour. ???
  4. Radioman

    fade in/out jhingles

    Hi i am trying out Radioboss for about a few weeks now before i go to buy it. I love it a lot but i have one problem with the jingles in the playlist generator. The jingles are not fading in and out so well. Its sounds like you listen to the Autodj from Centovacast. There are silence before and...