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  1. Bensisko

    PlayCount The numbers are random and they don't tell the truth! When is the solution?

    Hello, Despite many Threads the solution still seems distant, the numbers do not tell the truth to new files just downloaded, the date is changed and indicated as already played many times when they are instead at the first Playcount, this function is very important to verify the updates of mp3...
  2. Bensisko

    RadioBoss Translation into Italian

    Translation into Italian as per attached photograph if you can move the tick of the day Monday (lu) a more to the right so that the Italian inscription "Tutti" is fully visible. Thank you
  3. Bensisko

    Manual shifting schedule problem with filter day disabled.

    Hi Dmitry, I've seen that even if the filter on schedule days is disabled, Events can not move, if there are groups that have been compressed, you have to go find where they are because the message "Impossible move events when the day filter is active, is it a bug, or a normal thing?  With...
  4. Bensisko

    Radioboss Problem with Activation Schedule in certain conditions

    Hello Maybe a bug in RadioBoss in schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays I planned an event at 0:30, only these two days this event will not work if we approach the now 00:30 where it needs to activate work for example 5 minutes before the desired time in timer column indicates 23 hours before...
  5. Bensisko

    RadioBOSS fully translated into Italian

    Great Dmitry! Finally RadioBOSS fully translated into Italian, Thanks for the great work you do you and your staff! If I can help you translate a few words that still lacks ask. Thank you ! ;) ;)
  6. Bensisko

    Problem With function in Schedule Event when i use Sweeper before one event.

    Hello everyone, during use of RadioBOSS I noticed a problem in the function: Insert a Sweeper before event start up ", I put in different schedule this before, but quite often nothing happens. Sweeper No feels before the event. Same happens with time signals, should be preceded by the Station...
  7. Bensisko

    Little Bug Playlist Gen Pro

    Hi I wanted to highlight this little problem that occurs when reloading the play list in the EVENT with "Execute command" run the procedure correctly choose the event and the word [pro] is generated 2 times preventing the wind to be executed. I ask if it is a problem and bugs in the program. thanks
  8. Bensisko

    Playlist Generator Pro does not work when actived by Schedule

    Hi, I had planned on wednesday evening at 21:30 a schedule for a program "live." For this event I created a playlist to be activated in automaticamete schedule, and 'always went regularly automatically with older versions of the software, Tonight nothing 21:30 I saw the logo generator playlist...
  9. Bensisko

    Re: RadioBOSS 5.1 [beta]

    Hi! Thanks for the great work for this new release ! One question: How do I edit or delete groups created in the Playlist Generator Pro? Request: When will it be possible integration with Facebook and Twittwer to Play Now? One more request: You can enter in a Music Library tools for...