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    [TuneIn] Sending song title to

    Did something change? tunein automatically gets song titles from radioboss.
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    Bug in ID3 editor

    Has this bee fixed yet? Its annoying. I can't see how you were not able to reproduce this issue. Have been using radioboss for a few years now and never had this issues, and I always update. Random songs now have that distorted tags.
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    Radioboss Song tags

    Anyone else having an issues with random tags being distorted after updating to the latest radioboss? I've been with radioboss for two years now and never had this issue before, but now I have to fix several tags after the enw update. name of artist and song repalced with ?L.......  wth
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    Playback problems: broken sound, clicks, distortion, hangs [solution]

    I have this sound card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD This is my speed test after only roming one port to an outside host server for shotucast. I have this sound card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi...
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    RB hipcups on playback

    could it be this: aside from the streemi port i have set up, I have 7 other ports that broadcast the same strem or radio i have running on my computer. All vary different sample rates (96k-128k. those ports use my ISP, or my own connection and PC to carry the listeners. I would say i get around...
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    RB hipcups on playback

    Is radio boss compatible with centova cast? Like i said, if i turn off the source that connects to centova problem goes away. I run like 7 broadcast and all are connected to my connection, only that one causes issues. In regards my computer. it is a custom built computer with everything high...
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    RB hipcups on playback

    So it is my computer? Right now it is working fine again. looks like this happens sometimes, and i have to turn off the streemi source, which is making me think it is smething witht he servers they use....  I do have microsoft essentials turned on, but my computer is top notch. Got i7...
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    RB hipcups on playback

    Just ran a little test, and might the issue.... Is does these hipcups when i turn on ym stream with Why is this stream causing RB to have hipcups on playback? It is really bad.
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    RB hipcups on playback

    Anyone else having this problem? Just recently my radioboss does constant hipcups when playing. Music stops one to two seconds constantly. What can be wrong?
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    BUg with "peak listeners"

    I noticed ever since this was introduced that this will not record total listeners from all streams in radioboss in minimazied . When i open the return to the window the peak listener ount is the same as the total listeners, and then it just starts to show the difference from that point. Also...
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    Preview Setup

    I remember a few versions ago i was able to preview a song and it would come out of one side of the headphones or one side of the speakers. Now after updating a few times i dont see how i can do this, everytime i try to preview something it plays over the current song, on my end. How can i set...
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    RadioBOSS 4.7 [beta]

    djsoft, when do you think this version will come out? this beta has been on-going for a while now and now updates since january...
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    Anyway to stream a Ustream stream??

    It's a stream done over Ustream without video only sound. I don't know how to stream that over radioboss. I am using windows 7.
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    Anyway to stream a Ustream stream??

    Want to broadcast a a stream already on line but don't know what to enter for a ustream already live and relay it on radioboss into shoutcast. Any idea if it can be done?
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    total Listeners peak request.

    I would be great if you guys added "peak listeners" in the "broadcasting statistics"  for "total listeneres". I can track the highest amount of listeners per stream, but it does not record that for total listeners, where it adds the current listeners from all streams. All my streams are the...
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    Live365 broadcast

    Yes i have all of my songs with full info. Some albums show as *blank* on live 365
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    Live365 broadcast

    Is anyone having issues with album being transferred to live 365? I set up the http and stream is good, but some album names transfer a lot don't, only artist and song so i get delisted alot. i use mp3, i am about to use mp3pro to see if it fixes something.
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    Shoutcast server not working with new radioboss

    I am not at my computer now for screenshot, but no need, I have attached a random picture of radiobos and i put a circle of where i insert the genres, picture is of an older version but not much different.  I just put them like this "pop, rock, country, latin, europe, south america, latin...
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    Shoutcast server not working with new radioboss

    Well, I'm at work so this is just a guess, but i had a full list of genres, country names, tags ect.. under genres. I would say 15-20. I erased all of them and left out two to test it and it worked fine. I kept adding an extra one testing it out each time until i got that error again , once i...
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    Shoutcast server not working with new radioboss

    *Update* All radioboss versions are working fine with Shoutcast 1. I finally found what was wrong, which was an issue in the past but forgot. It looks like had I had way too many genres listed in radio boss, so i took some out and it worked. I installed the latest radioboss, released 12.10.11...