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    Having problems

    Dmitry, I'm having problems connecting to 2 encoders on the same server with the same password.
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    Encoder info saved

    I would like to have a feature where we could save our encoder info when we save our profiles in RB.  The reason I'm asking this, is sometimes I run 2 stations on RB, and sometimes my computer shuts off for no reason due to age and when I come back up, I have to reenter my credentials on the one...
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    RadioBOSS and TeamViewer

    Can I have my DJ's access my RadioBOSS through Teamviewer and just change the input for their mics?
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    Hey Dmitry, we have an account through BlogTalkRadio, but we want to simulcast the broadcasts at the same time we go live.  How do I set it up in RadioBOSS for the archives and the LIVE shows?
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    Multiple DJ's

    Dmitry, with my Shoutcast v2, I am able to have DJ accounts.  I have set these accounts up in the control panel for my server, but RB won't let them connect.
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    Connection reports

    Can you also make a feature where we can check what time our streams disconnected from the server and such?
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    How do I create a playlist that starts on certain days and ends at a certain time?