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    Mobile friendly Player

    The players available through centova are not accessible on mobile devices because of the website creator i use (Weebly). How do i change without changing from Weebly? (They don't like iframe players) What other companies are out there where I can link to that will help with this but not...
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    How Can I "KICK" Listener Robots?

    I have a few listener that appear to be robots and listen for days. I would like to "kick" these listeners and or block them. I was told in shoutcast there is a kick button for listeners but I do not see that option in the centova Icecast. I don't want to keep stopping and starting the stream...
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    How Do I Change the Stream Name?

    On my website the stream name for the now playing looks like this RadioBOSS Stream - The Verses Project - Psalm 139:19-22 How do I remove the "RadioBOSS Stream" and replace it with my station name or just have nothing except the song title and performer?
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    Has Anyone Decided To Stop Broadcasting Because Of Higher Fees?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone else that visits here and broadcasts from the USA or Canada has decided to stop broadcasting because of the new higher fees for playing copyrighted music. I have decided to stop broadcasting music as of midnight tonight, New Years eve, and may just do some...
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    Last Time Played In Music Library

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add a column in the Music Library that would display the last time a track was played. I know you can get the info when you click on a track in the playlist but if there was a way to put it in the Library I could make a playlist just of the most played...
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    Access Violation Write of Address

    Hello radioBOSS. I am trying to configure my 2nd radioBOSS on another computer and change some of the colors and fonts but I keep getting the error code Access violation at address 77C09826 in module 'ntdll.dll. Write of address 00408764 What did I do and how can I fix it? Thanks
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    Why Do I Have + signs in the Title of Song

    Why Do I Have + signs in the Title of Song on my player and stream?