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  1. Shellcartels

    Fast forward

    How do you place play head to a specific location on a file ( fast forward to a specific location)
  2. Shellcartels

    Play Pre-recorded Program From a Set time

    scenario : File 60 minutes long. i will like to start it at 10 minutes into the program How is this done ?
  3. Shellcartels

    Overlay with Pause Playlist

    Video Of Screen Above you will find a video link of my screen. in this recording , you will see : 1) checking to overlay boxes 2)the ads start on time and plays the entire bank 3)when the ads ads done , there are schedule programs , but it does not start ( 3pm ) 4) the network stream resume...
  4. Shellcartels

    Schedule Recording

    Hi Can the Version of the software do " schedule a recording Time " ( lets say i will like to record a show on June 28 2022 at 9am to 11 am , can i schedule the recorder to start and stop at those times? )
  5. Shellcartels

    Sweepers between tracks

    i will like to know how to add sweepers between tracks ?
  6. Shellcartels

    Recorded File Replay

    I will like to know if there's a way to have the ads scheduler play ads at the top of the hour ( every hour ) without starting a new file after the ads are done. In other words ( if i have a 3 hour file playing , have the ad scheduler play the ads by pausing the file then return to the pause...
  7. Shellcartels

    New version of Radio Boss

    How soon will the newer version radio boss be ready ?
  8. Shellcartels

    Enable event option

    Where can i find the events , after i uncheck the "Enable Events" I just suspending play back of these events on holiday weekend, so we can have an all mix ( all music weekend for holidays )
  9. Shellcartels


    Why is this not working properly. Relaystart. Relaystop In between i have ads, the ads are priority, but the ads are being covered by the relay. Are there ways to just have a relay start and stop. For one hour at time? Currently i have the relaystart at 9am , relaystop 12 pm. With ads...
  10. Shellcartels

    Scheduler ( late )

    Hi , i have some network streams schedule to be broadcast a live dj show at 10 am , but sometimes the dj will be late, so the regular play list takes over and play, is there a way for the software to grab the stream when he is ready ?
  11. Shellcartels


    Can you walk me through the procedure to upgrade from advanve edition to the current advance edition. Thank you Dona
  12. Shellcartels


    How do you prioritize a file to play when there a multiple or files that are schedule play at the same time ?
  13. Shellcartels

    Play head location

    Is there anyway to place the playhead to a specific location? Or are there anyway to fast-forward to a specific time within a file?
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    Hi, my playlist is keeping all the files that are played from the scheduler, how can i clear this?
  15. Shellcartels

    Live dj

    How does radio boss deal as shcheduler operate when a live dj is present ?
  16. Shellcartels

    Network Stream

    At my station most of the shows are network stream. Its very important to have these streams on at all times. In the case where we have a temporary lost of a network stream will this radio boss oftware regain connection when the stream becomes available again? Thank you in advance.
  17. Shellcartels


    i, i will like to know it the ad scheduler or Scheduler have the capability of not interrupting pre-recorded shows that runs daily from 6am - 9am without any breaks in between. Also i have the advance radio boss version.
  18. Shellcartels


    I have the advance radio boss version. The recorded files do not play back. Thay are not even a mp3 file , its just a blank file. Thank you