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    Posting to twitter error

    I have been tweeting songs for a few years and now after a couple hours they stop my Twitter app from running and gives me this error "Restricted to API read access only"  here is  one that worked for a couple hours...
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    Schedule Off Schedule ON

    Good Evening, I am running the latest version and am having issues with Windows 10, I run shows and use the Schedule Off and it works fine, when I have it set to Schedule ON it don't do any thing.  I have been beating my head trying to figure what I am doing wrong. Can you please help me figure...
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    Twitter] Post "Nowplaying" statuses for

    I have a script for doing it using the Radioboss software but I also have 2 different streamers with and was wondering if its possible to tweet "Nowplaying" statuses using the Centova Cast on the web..  I hope someone will answer this question for me as I would like to tweet songs...
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    Adding weather to play every hour

    I have tried following all other in the topics, but for some reason I can't figure out how to set it up, is there any that could walk me through this as I really would love to have this feature eunning on my station. Thank You Tim
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    Music levels

    Can you tell me what I have changed?  When I key up the mic the music gets louder and when I turn off the mic the music goes back to it's normal volume, I have tried the settings in the INPUT box I guess if you could tell me what the settings should be at to keep the music at the same volume...
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    Error: Read Yimed Out.

    Can you tell me what is going on with my posting to Twitter, every time a song plays it gives me this error "Error: Read Timed Out."  It was running great last night and this morning I got this error? here is the script I'm using edited to remove...
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    Echo the playback when I turn Mic on

    Can you tell me why when I click the Mic Button to talk, the music starts to echo and I can't seem to make it make it stop.  It was working great until I moved it and messed up the wiring, not I have it wired right just misconfiged the Radioboss. Thanks Tim
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    Error 40

    Upgraded to the newest version of radioboss a few days ago every thing was working great, this morning I am getting an "ERROR 40" is that radioboss issues or my streamer?
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    I want to upgrade from 4.9 to the newest upgrade, but my main player is running Windows XP and I was wondering if the new Radioboss can still run on XP? Thanks
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    ound goes 0ff when using mic

    I am trying to run my station live with a 16 track board and every thing works just fine, except when I turn on the mic with Radioboss my sound shuts off for the music and also I really can't see nothing when I turn on the mic, can you tell me if I can leave the music on? Thanks Tim
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    Is there a script to show Playing now on Windows Media player on the web?

    I found a script for Nowplaying for my site, with help from RB.  Is there a way or script so when some one uses media player it shows the what is playing?  I have scripts for winamp, and real player but media player just don't seem to work for me Thanks Tim