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    Live broadcast text sending - how to tell listeners what they are hearing?

    On my player, of course i am shown the artist/track info, which is currently playing, from radioboss.  When I am doing a live show (a live interview) how can I show something like 'My Radio Station - The groovy talk show'?  And/or is there a way to show default info, whenever I have the 'mic'...
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    Does auto dj re-encode? Can .flac be used?

    In the autodj settings, you have to set up your encoder, format, bitrate, etc.  Does this mean that it re-encodes mp3s?  In other words, it doesnt just stream the mp3, as is?  Can I upload .flac files, to prevent that?
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    Determining which remote pc is playing thru the server?

    So, lets say I have one computer, playing shuffle, at the office.  Then I get home and I want to do a show, from my home laptop. How can I make the server cut off the office pc, while I'm doing my show, from home?  And then give back control to the office computer, to continue shuffling, over...
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    RadioLogger vs RadioBoss - also, RadioLogger not recording in flac.

    Playing with Radiologger...  It doesnt want to record in flac.  Either 48 or 44.1, stereo, when i hit record, there is an error, "Encoder exited with an error. Please check recording format in settings." Mp3 recording works. The reason I might want to use radioLogger is that I want to have the...
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    Cant get radioBoss to stream to

    Not sure whats wrong, here.  Just got trial of  I think i entered my details correct... tried both icecast and shoutcast, correct port and ip.  My welcome email specified /live as a mountpoint, but I see /stream in my dashboard (i have been trying both) Cannot start broadcasting (output...
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    Search window album column?

    I'd like there to be an album column, in the search window.  I found where the playlist window can be formatted to show %album, but this does not seem to propagate to the search.
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    Manual update needed re Library

    I almost asked, in support: Where is the music library? Manual says: top menu bar, select Library -> Open Music Library. Actual: tools>library
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    Scheduler: unexpected behavior

    I have playlist1 and playlist2.  I'm playing pl2 and i set up an event to play pl1, with a sweeper 1st. Expected: play a sweeper from the sweeper dir, then switch to pl1 and play it. Actual: no sweeper, songs from pl1 are *inserted* into pl2.  They stay in pl2, until a song from pl2 is double...
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    What archive setting do i use for lossless. Wav or flac, etc

    I'm a little confused on the flac option, in archiving.  Why are there different sample rates, I thought flac was lossless?  I would like to just record wavs or lossless flac would be fine.