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    RadioBOss 6.0.5 64 Bit

    Hoy i can change 32 bitfor 64 bit ?
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    Open two radioboss sessions in the same user session.

    Open two radioboss sessions in the same user session. I would like to be able to open two different sessions of radioboss in the same Windows session, this is to put two stations under the same computer, so I could put two streams under the same profile and control them both at the same time...
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    export events to excel

    For radioboss I would like to have the option of being able to export all events to Excel, that is, having a tab in which I can export all the programming to Excel in such a way that it can generate a file that gives us a global view of all the events and programs that exist throughout the week.
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    graph Calendar

    I would like to request a new development on radioboss and it is that the events could come out graphically in a column, that is, if we have an event at 7 o'clock and another at 8 o'clock in a vertical column would come out in order so that we could see graphically what is the order of the...