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  1. Taylor Dixon

    Edit Album Art

    Will it soon be possible to edit the album/cover art for each track in the library? We can edit all fields except the artwork in the tag editor. We would like to start displaying the artwork on our website, but the art is incorrect or missing on a majority of our music.
  2. Taylor Dixon

    Terminate Live Broadcast

    In the cloud player, when a livestream is started, it automatically switches over... But let's say you have given 3 DJs access to your station to broadcast from, and one of them decides to stream at a time you have NOT agreed upon. How do you kill the live broadcast? Is there anyway to terminate...
  3. Taylor Dixon

    Audio Processing order

    I'm trying to better understand the crossfade settings, and I'm wondering - in what order is the processing applied, and are the set dB levels added or are they overruled? for example: File type "song" is set to play at -1 db, but the specific song is set to play at -3db in the tag editor...
  4. Taylor Dixon

    View/Change track Artwork in browser

    Is there some way to view the artwork for each track and change it/upload new artwork for tracks in the cloud browser? If not, can we get this soon please?
  5. Taylor Dixon

    Re-Index Tracks

    what does this do exactly? What is it's purpose? I've never hit this button before.
  6. Taylor Dixon

    Scheduling Question (cloud)

    Hello, I have a question about scheduling that is hard to explain so I'll do my best. Currently, our music is sorted into folders as follows: A's (big songs/hits) B's (familiar songs) C's (album cuts) D's (canadian) etc... We then have playlists set up as follows: STATION ID A STATION ID B...
  7. Taylor Dixon

    CLOUD - Do Not Interrupt Playlist

    Suggestion: It would be helpful if we could set playlists to be uninterrupted. For example: At the top of each hour we load a new music playlist. We then have various scheduled promos that runs at set intervals with interrupts the music playlist (this is what we want to happen). However, if...
  8. Taylor Dixon

    Song EOMs

    Hello, Will there be a feature in the future where we can send the EOM for each file individually (the trigger for the next element to start playing)... The current set up with Fade times/DB detection is very unreliable. Sometimes there's long pauses of silence and other times the end of the...
  9. Taylor Dixon

    unique user stats

    Hello. Is there a way to view a total number of UNIQUE listeners in a day? The current stats show the total number of sessions, but if somebody tunes in and our multiple times a day - that number isn't really genuine to show to potential advertisers.
  10. Taylor Dixon

    Last Played

    Suggestion: Would it be possible to have the last time a song was played listed in the file browser on the overview tab? This way if we're adding a song into the current playlist we can see if it was played recently? at the moment, i have to go to the log and do a ctrl+f and search for the song...
  11. Taylor Dixon

    Play In order

    What is the order for playing tracks "in order" as opposed to random? Is it by Artist? Filename? Order added to folder?
  12. Taylor Dixon

    Repeat protection

    If I were to have 2 files, with the exact same file name, and same tags, in 2 separate folders - would the system count them as being the same song? FOLDER A: song1.wav (3:20) FOLDER B: song1.wav (3:42) One of these has an artist ID attached. I don't want them to be able to run back to back...
  13. Taylor Dixon


    Is there a way I'm unaware of to Geo-Block certain countries from our streams? I am applying for a SOCAN license in Canada, but I have no intention of seeking licenses for other countries. Has anyone figured out a way to block listeners from other countries? If not possible... has anybody else...