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  1. Matei

    I cannot listen to the list of radio stations after update to

    This morning, I installed the available update ( ) and afterwards, Radio Boss can no longer play the list of radio stations. If I try to listen to the music in my PC, everything works perfectly! Which is the solution?
  2. Matei

    I cannot install RadioBOSS 5.9.2

    The upgrade from version 5.9.1 to version 5.9.2 cannot be installed! Bitdefender Total Security 2020 detects it as being infected. What should I do?
  3. Matei

    Unable to play! Error code 41 (unsupported file format).

    Hi Dmitry!   I apologize for bothering you, but 3 days ago, the most listened to radio station canceled its classic URL, which I used in Radio Boss. I contacted them and they gave me a new address, but Radio Boss CANNOT open it.   Can this be remedied? this is the new address...
  4. Matei

    thanks a lot!

    Dimitriy, thanks a lot for RadioBOSS You are the best!
  5. Matei

    (VST) JB Broadcast Processor

    I saw that if I mark off this plugin, settings are lost, even if I mark on  again. I post a picture of my settings. Do you think are best for optimal performance? Please post image with your settings. Thanks!
  6. Matei

    How to save playlist

    I apologize if this question was discussed. I did not find :( I manually added urls main radio stations from Romania.   How can I save Playlist1 - Radio, so if I have problems with his PC can quickly put the list of radio stations.   Thank you very much!
  7. Matei

    BitDefender Total Security 2016 detects 2 files from Radio Boss, as infected

    These are two executable filles: - playlistgeneratorpro.exe and - radioboss_guard.exe   What happens?   Another problem that I have with the last build I set the style: dark. Well, when I open the program for a few fractions of a second, I see some white stripes before they...