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  1. gg2064

    RadioBOSS 6.0 problems

    After many of hours of testing (on a 2.9ghz with 8gb of ram test computer) through the various betas and the official release of version 6 everything was running as we needed it. We then purchased the upgrade and installed it on our live dedicated Windows 10 RadioBoss computer (2.0ghz with 6gb...
  2. gg2064

    TTS of Weather Data

    Dmitri Would you please define where the weather data is stored for use in TTS using the weather variables like ?temp - ?humidity etc. and if any settings options alter the location? I have developed my own data retrieval method that works perfectly on my test system but does not work on my...
  3. gg2064

    Seque Editor and Seque Editor 3

    Using RadioBOSS Standard The Help System states: "Custom crossfade parameters are saved in the playlist.  When you open and close RadioBOSS, the parameters will remain."     Does this imply that if a playlist with Custom crossfade parameters is saved with an unique name and then...
  4. gg2064

    Playlist Generator Pro Addition

    Would it be possible to add the following?   With Playlist Generator Pro it is currently possible to create a playlist with enough iterations of the "Rotation" to fill a defined time period.  Would it be possible to add a second option to create the playlist with n number of iterations to...
  5. gg2064

    Scheduled Task Option

    I attempted to use the scheduled task as shown.  I thought it would play the oldest played track from the defined folder.  However, it repeatedly played the newest (most recently played) track. I am running RB and I am using File Tag (APEv2)
  6. gg2064

    Voice Track Enhancement

    Suggested Enhancement     Enhance the Voice Track function to have options similar to events.  To be able to add a voice track that will expire and or delete after x number of playings or expire and or delete on a specific date/time.  This would enable the placement of time sensitive voice...
  7. gg2064

    Playcount & Last Played

    RadioBoss Tracks played are not updating the Playcount nor  the LastPlayed Date/TIme This is happening with tracks played directly within the playlist and for tracks played from a tracklist. It was working and then just stopped.  I would think it is self inflicted but I don't know by...
  8. gg2064

    Art Work

    I have searched the documentation but I did not find an explanation of the following: In Settings -> Metadata there is an option to Send Playing Track Artwork and in Settings -> Reports there is an option to Save Artwork in the NowPlaying file (I believe) in either case I do not understand...
  9. gg2064

    Track List Repeat Protection

    I would like to recommend to have multiple Track List Repeat Protection Rules.  This would allow the use of various track list categories with each having the ability to select from various rules. For Example:         Oldies Track  List could use Rule 1         Current Track List could use...
  10. gg2064

    Tracklist Title Information

    I am using a number of tracklist entries in my playlist.  The title for the tracklist entry in the playlist does not always reflect the information for the playing track and/or previous played tracks.  Is the title suppose to correctly reflect the  track's information or is this the way...