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    RadioBOSS 6.0 [beta]

    Hello! To any Dj, I have a QUESTION"? I can't access Broadcast, I'm a member now for for too Long with Radioboss, want to Broadcast my own radio on windows 10, computer, the software of the Radioboss is fantastic, but the year is allmost up and still I stuck on Broadcast having Very seriously...
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    Error 40

    Hello Djsoft Would satellite Fiber? be a Better   Solution? to run radiobooss radio station,?  Padraic,  From ireland
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    Error 40

    Hi? DJ soft .Net Place answer the Question? will satellite result the problem? On code Broadcast (output 1 Error 40  Network timeout,?
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    RADIOBOSS.FM stream hosting [beta]

    Dear DJ SOFT.Net Im only a Beginner, and the broadcast is on a E2 unable to open file/invalid server address, what show i do? Hi radioboss? i like to know A little more about the stream page? on radioboss fm after puting the codes in wat do i hit next i press save: but not a clue? To what to...
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    Error 40

    a yes I have the same problem, I was surprised to receive satellite Broadband fibre, could fibre sat, result,? The problem,?  Padraic from Ireland
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    Is this RadioBoss software a scam

    hi there. i"m Very upset and cross to read about another customer to have the exact same problem as me  about Radioboss i want to ask for a refund back the payment Visa/card - 8312 for the order 131226142 i must say i was taking in to it very will with a software that it all looked very...