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    Radio Boss Cloud Sever 17 The indexing fails

    Upload more songs and trying to reindex make sure all is correct gets to about 35% and failed Server 17 account stream7604
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    Shows disconnect on output 1 radio cloud

    on server stream 3901 10:25:00 AM Schedule: [Liners] \Liners*1 10:27:15 AM Relay deactivated 10:27:16 AM Exit 7:27:17 AM *ServerTimeZone* Started ( 7:27:18 AM *ServerTimeZone* Peter Frampton - Show Me the Way 7:27:19 AM *ServerTimeZone* Relay activated 7:27:19 AM...
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    Error saving playlist [EFCreateError] Cannot create file "radioboss\Profile\Default_0.m3u.state".

    This happened at 9:13 pm e.s.t. last night after this no scheduled would load it keep playing the same hour over and over 9:10:35 PM Patty Loveless - I Try to Think About Elvis 9:13:15 PM Justin Moore - How I Got To Be This Way 9:13:15 PM Error saving playlist [EFCreateError] Cannot...
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    Ability to TURN OFF repeat protection for commercials

    we have commercials that need to play two or three times in an hour the repeat protection keeps this a mess for commercials a need to turn off or if a folder says Commercial the folder would have the repeat always off example we have folder Commercial folder under that one BigDog Big Dog...
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    Radio boss 6.03 rebroadcast of stream the stream url displayed instead of artist and title

    I have radio boss 6.03 rebroadcasting a radio boss cloud stream for the media it show the stream url as the title when playing and in media tag sent to players and website when i use centova to rebroadcast from radio boss cloud to radio boss 6.03 and use centova url in radio boss 6.03 works fine
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    Play Count and play LIST do not match

    found the answer
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    What Does This Mean I notice This Again

    5:38:21 AM Sammy Kershaw - National Working Womans Holiday 5:40:00 AM Starting event "bits" 5:40:00 AM Schedule: [bits] \Bits*0 10:40:12 AM *ServerTimeZone* Started ( 10:40:13 AM *ServerTimeZone* Sammy Kershaw - National Working Womans Holiday 10:40:14 AM...
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    Blocking relay stream servers

    I have these that are relay stream sites that run can these be blocked or removed
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    1 TB data transfer

    Should the 1 TB data transfer reset each month? Mine is showing to still be counting up for a new month? Is there a reset for this?
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    Repeat Protection In Radio Boss Cloud

    Is the only setting for Repeat Protection only under Setting Repeat Protection Reason im asking is i have a stream that loads at 12am then ne playlist starts at 1am using the same stream url example Loads at 12 midnight ID Commercials Strean URL Commercials Loads at 1am ID Commercials...
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    Additional encoders ON and OFF in RB Cloud

    what would be nice is have the Additional encoders to set to START at date and time and turn off at a date and time
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    RadioBoss Cloud additional encoders streams

    found it
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    Radio Boss Cloud Show the track titles for playlist that loads

    Playlist in Radio Boss Cloud show all Track Titles in playlist It loads and only shows one coming up no others it would be nice to be able to put VT in there to play or have a way to generate a playlist ahead of time OR Have a way to upload a playlist
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    Audio intro for Radio Boss Cloud

    This would be nice to have for the cloud version