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  1. pety

    Relay vs Play an Internet stream vs Play "Line Input"

    What is the difference between Relay vs Play an Internet stream ? What is the difference between Relay vs Play ”Line Input” ?
  2. pety

    BUG - Shufle

    Shufle does not work. RB
  3. pety

    No sound from server

    RadioCaster send title of track and sound, but no sound received from server
  4. pety

    Multiple start conditions for event

    What about [Multiple start conditions for event] ? The first time I raised the issue was through 2014-2015. Same Event play the same track: Monday at 12:15, Wensday at 15:45, Thursday at 13:50, Sunday at 17:20. Multiple start conditions for event is the most important in radio automation. It's...
  5. pety

    Different users different Work Zone 1, 2 and 3

    It would be extremely useful if users (RB Advanced) could have different tabs in workzone 1, 2 and 3. When a user switches to his name to find own tabs selected and saved. An individual user to be able to arrange work zones and tabs as he wishes.
  6. pety

    Cannot Change Logo

  7. pety

    Tags column in Search

    Tags Column in Search is great when use (ALL)
  8. pety

    Database locked

    I received this message on Desktop PC and Laptop too: I reinstalled RadioBOSS. Result is the same. First: Why database is locked? Second : Where is database file? The path to it... Where Music Library stores Libraries? Found database file.
  9. pety

    Change Presets PATH for PlGenPro

    Presets for Playlist Generator are stored in %AppData% - Roaming - ... For example, is it possible to save (copy / mute) presets directly in the RadioBOSS - Presets - PlGenPro folder on partition E?
  10. pety

    No Pause Title

    As LineIN, Pause do not have title in Playlist.
  11. pety

    List Groups alphabetically in Scheduller

    I need to have groups listed alphabeticcaly to avoid chaos.
  12. pety

    Tree Vew in Exploreer

    I need to see tree view in Explorer. How can I do that? Thanks !
  13. pety

    File Type Color do not match

    Unfortunately there is a problem with file types color too (FileTypeColor image). _____ I found the cause. Generic file lives in the "Reclame" folder (FileTypeFolder image). ____ Is it possible for other types of files with different colors (ex. Generic) to live in a specific file type folder...
  14. pety

    Playlist and Search do not mach

    Duration of the Track(s) in Playlist do no match with Search. Very annoying ! Need help ! Use RadioBOSS In previous versions was a very useful option: Read additional track information. I need this option yesterday. In RadioBOSS version 6, please. Why this option (Read additional track...
  15. pety

    Schedule automatic library update

    I need to use this tool, not to make library, but to scan some folders to Trim Silence. I made Event but there is an error. I do not understand it. Need urgent Help. Lateste stable RadioBOSS version ( Thanks !
  16. pety

    Resume playback

  17. pety

    Create playlist and TWO folder dastination

    The ideea: When (create) generate playlists I need to save them in two lacations. Rught now it is like this: E:\RadioBOSS\PlaylistGeneratorPro.exe "-preset=ORA_02" -out=E:\Playlisturi\ORAR\1L\Sep28-02.m3u8 Is it posiible to have two -out? : E:\RadioBOSS\PlaylistGeneratorPro.exe...
  18. pety

    Text line in Playlist

    This request is very important for us. We make playlists in advance. Sometimes we do not have all program and wee need to add a comment in a specific playlist like: 1. Track 01 2. Track 02 3. ------- Here: ?Conflict between generations? --------------------- 4. Jingle 5. Track 03 It looks...
  19. pety

    RadioBOSS - ZorinOS

    Did anyone install RadioBOSS on ZorinOS ?
  20. pety

    How to switch to ?

    I need to know how to switch to cloud for live broadcasting. I still have the old account on USER.RADIOBOSS.FM paid on time. [/size] [/size]Thanks in advance !