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    Metada for line input

    Hello team, two questions : is it a way to put some metadata around a line input during the play ? is it a way to use the picture in the rss file of the podcast downloaded ? I would like to send the artwork for the shows. Many thanks Jose
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    URGENT Loop of death

    Hello, how can I fix the setting not to start automatically the broadcast and to play . It's something hanging and the radio goes in a loop and try to restart and hangs? is it a magic ini setting somewhere just to start it without any automation ? or do I need to reinstall ? thanks Jose
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    Playlist generator only load one song

    Hello, it looks like the playlist generator in my case only add one song either from a scheduled task or exporting to the playlist ? Do I miss something ? Thanks Jose
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    Overlay level too high

    Hello, is it possible to set the level of the overlay stream ? The pb happened two updates away and the signal is clipping now. I remember the update saying something about levels enhancements. Thanks Jose
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    Scheduler question

    Hello, This what I try to do : Before the podcast or news start : Stop any other schedule task that overlay (I have some than run every 4 minutes and will talk above the playing track) stop the scheduler play the track for news or podcast restart the scheduler shuffle on move to a tab I have...
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    System crash

    Hello, I have tried to report this by email, but no response, maybe this is a better channel for support? I am using RadioBoss version When you have various playlist tabs opened and loaded and running for a while, if you try to add a new tab, and load content to it, the system crashes...