Access violation

Natanael EnGo

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Recently I had a problem with RadioBoss.
A message appeared to me and says:"Access Violation at address 00CC199F in module 'radioboss.exe'. Read of address 0000000F,".

And on another computer this:"Access Violation at address 00A629BB in module 'radioboss.exe'. Read of address 00000000".

When displaying these messages, RadioBoss stops playing and the only way to play again is to restart the program.

I use the RadioBoss


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Please consider updating to RadioBOSS 5.9, this is a major update with many errors fixed.


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Most of the time this error appears in a cracked version of radioboss and in these versions it mostly happens after a windows update but can also appear while broadcasting live for some reason.

When i had it once on my legit radioboss (after a windows update and happened only one time) it had something to do with audio drivers. Reinstalling the drivers fixed it.