⚛ Crazy Idea RTSP 2.0 Server ⚛


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Hi all,

So we have shuttdown I'm kind of bored - sent a message to djsoft and got an ok to post here - (y):cool:

Quick background:
I was surprised that in so many years the client server solutions for streaming audio have not evolved. First time I worked with Audio / webstreams nearly 14 yeas ago and most of current technologies use shoutcast (HTTP) / Icecast bla bla...
Don't missunderstand me - solid thechnologies and stable; but in terms of deliver content to current users needs - shitt too outdated (happy to say in a chat why)

Now shuttdown and I've some time lef; - thus thought it would be awesome to create a horizontal scalable serverside streaming using RTSP 2.0 which is is currently in development and is not backward compatible with RTSP 1.0. on browser / client side...

This would allow from an app architecture point of view a complete new approach on streaming, RTSP 2.0 is two way road. You will hear buzzwords like addaptive streaming.. But this means much more for the server/app side - a one model everywhere like Falcor could be implemented, also streaming could get more cost efficent in terms of bandwith usage as also machine recources.
Also a serverside/cloud dj on top could be implemented much more agile and flexible.

Next steps:
Will start to think on this on monday. Happy for any type of feedback... if I see that it makes sense to work on it - will keep you updated.

If I start with this will put everything under MIT Lisence