Duplicate tracks listed in stream playlist

Hello Dmitry,

I've noticed duplicates of songs listed in the playlist of songs that have played. This happens on the many radio station directories we use. The pictures shows the same songs listed two times in the playlist.

Take care.


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Just in case, please update to the latest RadioBOSS, it has many bugs fixed

RadioBOSS only sends the title update once, I'm not sure why the titles are duplicating. What streaming server do you use?
Hi Dmitry,

This appears to be a Shoutcast bug that other broadcasters have experienced and reported on Shoutcast's forum:

It appears to only happen when "Send playing track artwork" in the is activated in an encoder (ie. RadioBOSS). This was an experimental functionality added by Shoutcast a while back, but unfortunately, it has not been refined or expanded on, so it may still have some problems, such as the one I am seeing.

This is not a direct RadioBOSS issue. It can pertain to any encoder with the "Send playing track artwork" function.

The only solution right now would be to disable "Send playing track artwork" in your encoder, which will prevent Shoutcast from registering duplicate track titles.