Error saving playlist [EFCreateError] Cannot create file "radioboss\Profile\Default_0.m3u.state".

This happened at 9:13 pm e.s.t. last night

after this no scheduled would load

it keep playing the same hour over and over

9:10:35 PMPatty Loveless - I Try to Think About Elvis
9:13:15 PMJustin Moore - How I Got To Be This Way
9:13:15 PMError saving playlist [EFCreateError] Cannot create file "radioboss\Profile\Default_0.m3u.state". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
9:16:08 PMClay Walker - Who Needs You Baby
Scheduler on

but nothing is running at all

C32 server

playlist will not change playing music from the same playlist

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I have checked your account's logs and it shows that the events are starting as they are supposed to. Do you still experience the problem?