Event for executing a rotation-playlist


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After creating a rotation (playlist) using Playlist-Generator Pro, I'm trying to execute it using an Event.
The aim is: Every time this event executes, it should play 1 item from the list, sequentially (according to the order of items on the list). After playing the last item on list, 1st item should be returned to and played for the 2nd time, etc. (namely: a rotation).

I set an Event of type Generate a playlist and point it to playlist's template (possibly - this is wrong?), but every time this Event executes, it plays the same track over and over, i.e. does not advance to the next track on list.

Could you please guide me as for how to do this correctly?


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There's the "Advance on each generation" option that will move to the next track each time a playlist is created: https://manual.djsoft.net/radioboss/en/plgen-cat1.htm

If you just need to sequentially play tracks from the folder, a Track List would be an easier option - you can use it from the Wizard when you create a scheduled event, "Play one track from a playlist or folder".