How to get smooth track transitions, the best settings to use?


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Hi, I have been playing around with the crossfade options, etc, but can't seem to get quite the right mixing I want so I wonder if anyone can help me configure for the best settings based on my needs.

I want to set a crossfade option that starts the next track at a DB level I choose but which doesn't just fade out or stop the playing out track. I either get the end of the previous track fading out at the last second on a sudden track ending (not a fadeout track) as I think I have set the mix settings wrong somewhere. I want a track with a sudden ending to play right to the end and then the next track starts with a SLIGHT overlay, but which does not fade out the sudden end of the previous track. I also want the transition to be smooth when I hit next track button and not to just kill the playing track and start the next without a smooth 2 or 3 second fade out with the next one starting without a fade in. I think I have explained that so I hope it makes sense. Just after some step by step guide on what values to put in what boxes as it all seems a bit confusing....many thanks


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Please make sure you use the latest version of RadioBOSS.

To adjust the settings, in the Crossfade window check/uncheck the options:
- Fade out duration: controls the fade out of the playing track (when you press "Next", when the next track starts, or when you hit "Stop")
- Start fading out on mix - try checked and unchecked to see what option works best for you.