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i created a gateway to use Radioboss api with OSC protocol.
Mainly i'm using it in conjunction with OpenStageControl to control RadioBoss trough web in lan area.
It's a bidirectional gateway so is possible to send and receive message using OSC protocol but not all the functions are able to receive a feedback from RadioBoss. (Example: Volume fader can set the volume in RB but no vice versa so if someone change it directly in rb this one will not follow the new setting)

This is the link where is possible to download the gateway. The zip name contain also for wich OS is.
At the moment i have no possibility to compile for all os but i hope these will cover the most of the cases.

How is working:
simple just unzip and edit the config file present in the directory to reflect your configuration or for what u need.
Inside of configuration file is present also the mapping from RB command to osc path so is possible to customize. The  Default map is for the OpenStagecontrol template i created (template is attached to this post it is a json file).

Example of mapping:
RadioBoss command = OSC Path
play = "/radio/play"
stop = "/radio/stop"
pause = "/radio/pause"

This is a picture of the a sample template for OpenStageControl to use the gateway :

For the installation of OpenStageControl please follow instructions on their site.

If you can please try it and give me feedback future improvement will made.

Dmitry if this post is off-topic please let me know and sorry.


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