Scheduled Playlist Generator problem

Hi Dmitry

We have set up a playlist template in the playlist gen pro. We then use the scheduler to generate a new playlist every 24 hours.

The problem is that while it counts down to the event, nothing happens. There is even nothing in the log to say playlist generation started.

The playlist generator works fine when we generate a playlist manually.

After investigating and observing over the last 24 hours, we think that for the last few months, the same old playlist has been repeating itself. Because the scheduled playlist generation is not happening, when it gets to the end of the playlist, the silence detector is repeating the playlist (as it is set to do).

I have attached a photo of our scheduler settings.

Hope you can help. Thanks.



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Oh yes, and we reset the "Maximum time to generate playlists by schedule" to 10 minutes just to be sure. It still didn't work unfortunately.


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What happens if you select the event in the list and click the "Run Now" button?
Hi Dmitry.

In the end we managed to answer our own question!  :)

It turns out that we had ticked the "Manual" box under the Scheduler tab. 

Here's a request: Is there any chance of a warning box appearing if someone tries to place a tick in that box? Your description in the Help file would be perfect as the warning text:

"The event won't start automatically. Instead, the program will only notify when event is supposed to be started. To start the event use "Run Now" button.

Thanks for considering this, and thank you for your help.

Kind regards



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Besides the Manual checkbox, there are still too many ways to mess with the broadcasting and scheduling, and issuing a warning for every option and button is not a solution... If there are many people who use RadioBOSS and it's not possible to control everytihng, I think a printed warning in a visible place should be of some help: "Do not enable or disable any checkboxes and do not modify any settings unless you know what you're doing" :)

Another solution is to use the UAC feature in RadioBOSS:
Create new user, and disable the "Modify scheduled events" permission so users will not be allowed to edit scheduled events; the "On" and "Manual" scheduler checkboxes become unavailable as well. Also password protect the Admin user. Switch to the newly created user and RadioBOSS will operate with limited permissions.