Scheduling Question (cloud)

Taylor Dixon

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Hello, I have a question about scheduling that is hard to explain so I'll do my best.

Currently, our music is sorted into folders as follows:

A's (big songs/hits)
B's (familiar songs)
C's (album cuts)
D's (canadian)

We then have playlists set up as follows:


The problem with this is that a song could fall in to more than 1 category. (for example a big hit that was also canadian needs to be in folder A as well as folder D)
If I put a copy of the song in both folders - the only repeat protection rules that applies would be Artist/Album - meaning the song itself could replay sooner than it should. - each file counts as a different song.

We need a repeat protection rule based on the title or perhaps another field (song ID# maybe?) so we can set the 2 different versions of the song - to have the same ID and not repeat...

The other option for this, would be to have different tags for songs, that we could schedule from instead of Folders. This way each song would only have to be uploaded once - and given 2 tags. for example a song could be tagged as a big hit AND canadian instead of being put into the hit folder and canadian folder. Then the playlist would pull tracks from Tags VS tracks from Folders.

SAM cloud broadcaster, and listen2myradio allow this - but are lacking in other features that radioBOSS has.

Is there a solution to this other than uploading the same songs twice? And if not, Can this be addressed soon? Thanks.


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We'll add Tagging system at some point in the future, currently it's in development, but it will take some time.

We plan to add "Track Title" repeat protection rule that should help in this case, this will happen a lot earlier than selection and filtering based on tags.