Streamarchive improvements

Streamarchive cannot be started like other events - the streamarchive ON command only starts without waiting for a track to finish; and the option to enqueue the command if an event is playing does not seem to exist. Can this be changed so it follows the same procedure as any scheduled event please? This would be useful when unsure about the length of a current event, and streamarchive needs to start immediately afterwards. Yes I know this can be done in the multiples command but I have found it to be unreliable (v6.1.1.0).
The multiple commands only work some of the time.
Here's our multiple file entry in which streamarchive recorder fails every week (on random days):

streamarchive Z:\ARTSCAFE_RPT\ARTSCAFE_A.flac

The world plays for 10 minutes, then streamarchive records live presenter via line input. At the same time, a backup program plays to the studio (ARTSCAFE-WED-1.mp3) in case the presenter does not show up. The ARTSCAFE_A.flac file is saved so it can be repeated 5 hours later.

As pointed out by me and others elsewhere in the forum, when streamarchive fails, it records an hour of blank audio but then the file locks and cannot be deleted without a reboot of RB. So streamarchive is unreliable for some reason. It can fail like this irrespective of whether there is another file starting to play at the same time or not. This has occurred on the last several versions of RB. I would prefer retaining the above multiples commands as it is the most convenient way to do this....