Streamlining Voice Tracking

Hi Dmitry.

As part of our research for training our radio partners, we recently set up a 'practice' radio station. This is a completely automated station (which we broadcast only to ourselves). Everything is working well, and we are learning much about how to run RadioBOSS on a two computer network.

I'm very pleased because I love RadioBOSS, and this is my chance to show off to my boss what it can do!

I decided to voice track a playlist, to work out the best way to teach it. I managed to do it ok, but it was a bit time consuming. Also, a partner broadcaster at a small station in Asia tried to use the VT function, but they also said the same thing. They have reverted to recording the voice tracks in audacity and then importing them into the playlist, manually.

I realise this is a really busy time for you, with everyone feeding back on the wonderful 4.9, but may I submit some ideas that would help to make RadioBOSS's voice track function much easier.

(1) In the Settings menu, a navigation box, so I can decide which folder I want my voice tracks to go into (much like the 'Music Library file' navigation box). Then all voice tracks made by the VT recorder automatically go to this folder. The problem is that I don't want to use the folder that RB wants to store VTs in. I want to place them somewhere else in the network. At the moment, I have to navigate to the folder I want, for every single voice track I record.

(2) Keyboard short cuts to make the operation smoother: (examples)

* Open the playlist and set the cursor where you want to record
* V to open the VT recorder
* R to start recording
* R again to stop recording
* I to insert the voice track into the playlist at that point. The actual wav file is saved automatically where I have set it to in the Settings menu (as above)
C to close the voice track recorder

It would be nice if the voice track recorder stays open, and I just move the cursor each time.

Thank you for your consideration of this. Some stations rely totally on voice tracking for their announcer content. Having to record hours of VTs in one sitting would be made much easier by something like the ideas above.

I appreciate your thoughts Dmitry, and am open to hear what other users think.

Kind regards

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Both request look very useful to me. A setting for VT folder was already planned for 4.9 - it will be added soon.

I like the idea with keyboard shortcuts for VT's.

A little change to the keys you proposed:
* Space to start/stop the recording (it already works like this when you just started VT recorder).
* Esc to close it - for most Windows users this is the intuitive and obvious behavior
* Use V key to open recorder and to insert VT's from the recorder. good thing about V key is it's located in the bottom part of the keyboard - probably it's more convenient than I.
* Probably make all keys configurable. But the default set should still be good (or best).
I've just seen the changes to the VT recorder.

Fantastic!  ;D

Thank you for listening, and thank you for all your work on this.