Sweeper interfering with scheduled events

Today I had a strange glitch: In the first hour, my (program A) playlist had about six sequenced events that were supposed to play one after the other and finish at 58 min. The second hour had a two hour event (Program B) scheduled to play at the TOTH, preceded by a sweeper.

What actually happened: the sweeper kicked in before the two last events in the first hour (the program outro) had played; Program B started as scheduled; at the end of Program B, two hours later, the last two events of Program A played to air! What did I do wrong? Shouldn't the current events in the playlist take priority over any sweeper?


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It looks like it worked as intended. Before inserting a sweeper, RadioBOSS checks for several conditions: amount of time to "sweep", event start time (the event for which a sweeper is configured) and such, if the conditions are met and it found a suitable sweeper, it's inserted regardless of what is playing in the playlist.
But that's the point - on this occasion, the sweeper wasn't smart enough to take into account the circumstances. The problem is that the sweeper took precedence over events that had already been loaded to play in strict sequence. The sweeper should not have played at all if the previous event had still to run up to the hour. And it certainly should not have pushed the un-played events to the end of the following event!