Add 'Prelisten' [Alt+R] in Music Library


Please add 'Prelisten' [Alt+R] to Music Library. This is very useful when you're looking for duplicate tracks that are the same or similar in sound, but differ slightly in tags and need to quickly dig through a lot of data. You have to open the cumbersome 'Track Tool...' [Alt+1] or periodically dump via 'Export to player' and listen there, which is very inconvenient and requires constant jumping between windows.
Thank you in advance!
Thanks for the tip!
I'm used to using the [Alt+R] shortcut, but it doesn't work in Music Library. I couldn't find the 'Prelisten' playback item in the context and main menu, so I started using workarounds. Didn't realize that launching is possible by 'LMB DoubleClick'.
In that case, consider and implement my suggestion to add such a menu item for 'Prelisten' in the context menu.
Thank you in advance!
It's also possible to enable "Prelisten" column and prelisten tracks by single-click on a Play button in the column. We'll add Alt+click prelisten and menu command for clarity.