Automatic Download Error


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since a few days I have a problem with automatic download within RadioBoss

Error Messages:

Download file error: Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.

Download file error: Socket Error # 10048Address already in use.

The multiple Downloads is a planned Event (multiple actions)

This event is working untouched for about a year now.
Suddenly this error shows up in the Log File.

The Link to the download file is working. I can put the link in a browser and the mp3 starts playing.

What did change so that this error shows up suddenly.

Thanks for help and support.



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It can be that the firewall or antivirus blocks the connection from RadioBOSS. Another option is to try restarting RadioBOSS or rebooting the PC.


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It did work a long time with same settings.

Now suddenly it doesnt download.

The system is running on a Windows Virtual Server.

I will reboot the Server and will have a look what happen then.


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It shows up that the problem was really the Windows Server.

After restarting the whole system all problems are gone.

But why the Windows Server suddenly close Firewall / Ports even it was running for almost a year untouched, nobody knows!?!?