Broadcast Track Title


A few things:

1) Changing of the broadcast title on a playing track does not seem to send an update. For example, if it's set to a value and then you change it to something else, it doesn't update.

2) API command to update the broadcast title - can this be implemented?

3) If you play a stream like "" and specify the length using the # then the track title is sent as "sid=1 #<length>". If a broadcast title is not specified and the broadcast metadata has been overridden, should this even be happening? (The title being updated) And why does it just send only part of the URL.



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1. Yes, it sends the title update only when the track is started.

2. It's possible, can you please describe the use case for such a feature?

3. It first uses the set broadcasting title, if no title is set, it uses the track title from the server, and if there's none, it uses the general filename parsing. I think it can be improved in the future - thanks for pointing out this issue.