Certification of guidelines by client / Certificación de pautas por cliente


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By obligation of the company, it is necessary to send a certification of guidelines per client specifying: the name of the file, start and end date, hours, number of times it will ring, important information about the client, such as name, references and various things, I will attach an image. other software has this option which is to generate it automatically.

Por obligación de la empresa, hay que enviar una certificación de pautas por cliente especificando: el nombre de el archivo, fecha inicio y finalizacion, horarios, cantidad de veces que sonara, información importante de el cliente, como nombre, referencias y varias cosas, adjuntare imagen. otros software tiene esta opción que es de generarlo automáticamente.


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Yo dI apologize if I haven't been very clear with my question, I'm using a translator to be able to write, I mean I want an advertising report focused on a single commercial, not the commercial block..


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If you open the Ads Scheduler, you can click the Ads Overview option, it offers two option: view all blocks, or only the selected one.