click’ or ‘pop’ noice in begging of Songs & Jingles in Cloud service

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I noticed that when a song begins to play there is a "click" sound. I checked my audiofiles and they are clean. What can cause the issue? Have anyone experienced it? It usually happens when before a new song or jingle. It gives a bad output. The tracks are clean, even i tried editing some and i have re uploaded them. When ever a new track begins to play it starts with a ‘click’ or ‘pop’ noice, not in all but in most tracks.

Kindly check. Thank you


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In this case, I don't have anything to add - already answered in the support ticket. I'm sorry.

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Hi There,

Yes. I have replied to the tickets too, just wanted to check if anyone else is facing the issue and if there is another alternative solution if anyone has any.

Thank you

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Have anyone come across a 1 second pulses noice ( PoP or Click Noise ) heard at the mixing point when the cross fade settings are enabled?