Create pause between each song


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Hi all,
I need to create a pause from about 4-5 seconds after each song, because this is usual for a tango community.
Now i found the option in Playlist to add a pause, but still he cuts this, though i deactivated fadeout and fade in and remove gaps and silence between tracks. Of course its possible to create an mp3 file with silence, but if i want to repeat this after every track, this is a lot of work.
So my question is how can i force RAdioboss to add a 4-5 seconds Pause between each track?


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The Playlist->Add pause is the menu command you should use. It won't cut the pause - it will play for the duration specified.

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For the event you only need to push run now, that is why the date ist 3333
It will insert a 25 sec. pause after the actual played song
You also should create a file type named pause and set the crosfades to 0

Bei dem Event brauchst du nur auf jetzt ausführen klicken, deshalb steht das datum auf jahr 3333
Das event fügt 25 sekunden pause ein hinter den laufenden titel
du solltest noch eine song kategorie namens pause erstellen und davon die überblendung auf 0 setzen