cue function


cue function

I would like to make a wish for the radio boss! Would it be feasible that the radio boss could be taught to create a cue file when recording a broadcast? I don't know how far my wish will be understood and try to describe it here! I derive it from another internet radio program that I use parallel to the radio boss. It's about the mairlist. I have to bring this in as a comparison because it has this function! This also saves a program that was previously recorded. Just as the radio boss saves this data (mp3) file in a directory in order to load it into the player at a different time and play it back. Let's say that this file is called "my broadcast from ??. ??. ??. Mp3". Now, when streaming this MP3 file in the radio boss, no information about the track being played in this file is displayed except for the name of the saved MP3 file! This would come into play here if there were an Arte Information file (cue) that shows what exactly was played in the player! I'll post the content of this cue file from the other program to illustrate what it is exactly! From this cue file, the information of the track being played is transferred so that the listener doesn't see the name of the recorded MP3 file (my broadcast ....... mp3), but the actual mp3 that was recorded!

FILE "do it louda-2021-02-19-11-49-24.mp3" MP3
TITLE "Oldies"
PERFORMER "Inish McGelly"
INDEX 01 04:08:11
TITLE "Lady marmalade"
INDEX 01 04:29:02

Short excerpt of the cue file which must be in the same directory as the recorded MP3 file!

I hope you can follow that


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Currently RadioBOSS doesn't support cue sheets, neither for recording or playback. We'll consider adding the support in the future, thank you for the feature request and usage example.