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I'm a low-power radio manager/director, and we are looking to change
our radio automation. RadioBoss has caught my eye. For years and years
we used an outdated program called JockeyProLT developed by James Flinn.
I love the program, but we are running it on an XP OS, which means
obviously we are operating on borrowed time. Here is what I like about

I am able to create schedules which scramble our music (on MP3), and
I am then able to add programs that we 1] import or 2] those which
we rebroadcast. 30-35 hours of our weekly programming is live, and
every shows rebroadcasts at appointed times. In our schedule, I program
in IDs (top of the hour), PSAs, Liners (every 15 minutes), and the
liners lead into Spots (which are sponsor mentions). Other than the
manual insertion of the rebroadcasted or imported shows, JockeyPro
more or less generates the automated playlist (songs), with my only
involvement being when shows are put in.

JockeyPro also has this interface called the "JockBox", which enables
the ability to play theme music and what-not when we are live broadcasting.
It's a neat interface, which no automation seems to have. As much as
I love this feature, I don't consider it to be critical in making my

We do have a music database, and it is in MP3. The naming conventions
are Artist - Song. When I put in a broadcast show, the naming convention
is Show Name - Date (yymmdd).

I suppose my needs are simple (described above), and one concern is
that the top of the hour ID starts at the top of the hour (with very,
very little variance). So many systems do not offer this level of exactness,
and when I am completing a schedule, a show which begins at 9am should
start at 9am (not 9:01). I want it to be exact, so that a live show
can begin after the top of the hour ID and end right before the next
top of the hour ID. Automation exactness in this area is important
to me and to those who mingle with the automation as live programmers.
It's also something which would seem crucial to your listeners.

Our broadcast board is an Arrakis Arc 15. No bluetooth. I have no doubts
that is fine. I guess I'd need to know about what I sort of Windows
PC I'd need to run RadioBoss.

Doubtless, you have "live" customer service. I will likely need guidance.
Can anyone who is proficient in this program offer me some guidence
in the event I need it?

Gregg Kovach


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