DTMF event inside a playlist radioboss desktop

Okay, so I am confused, as to exactly how to go about achieving what I want to achieve. I want to create a playlist template for rebroadcasting another network's shows. So, the template includes items to be played before the stream, stream first block, commercial break, stream second block, commercial break. So, stream first and second blocks should start and end with dtmf tones sent by the network. However, while I know I can do this in the scheduler, I need to embed these events in to a playlist itself. I know some commands can be embedded, but what about the ability to do a command for a stream, which also includes dtmf? What would the syntax for that look like? Is it even possible? If not, please look at adding this asap.
If you rebroadcast another stream but changing its ads to yours, then you simply insert the stream into the playlist and play it (also enable the Repeat List option to loop it). Then you crate scheduled events with start by DTMF option and they will start when the tone is detected, play the commercials, and then stream playback will continue.
For smooth operation, enable Overlay Playback option and "Set playlist volume" = 0 - to silence the stream while the ads are playing.
Sorry, I'm still lost.
For now I have had to switch back to the system I was using before, but I really really want to use Radioboss. It runs a lot more smoothly on my computer, and there is a lot to like about it. I really like the software, but until I can get this whole thing figured out, I won't be able to do that.
So, just to show you what my rotation currently looks like when I use this other software:
Time announcement, temp announcement, news, station promo, CVC affiliate spot (to announce we are picking up a network show, and it is not our own), stream block 1 (timed to 03:10) lasting 26:10, commercial break intro, ads promos etc, commercial break outro, stream block 2 (timed to start at 32:10) same duration as first, commercial break intro, ads, station id.
Note I am able to set a start time for the stream blocks, or any item I want. The trick is to have the affiliate spot play exactly just before the first stream block, commercial intro play at the end of the first stream block, outro play right before the second block. I need precision. I should be able to be even more precise with Radioboss, because it does indeed accept dtmf tones, where the system I am using now does not, and relies completely on timing. Also, my current system will insert top-up tracks which are usually just music beds, when there is a gap between the last commercial, and when the stream should get picked back up.
Again, I am sorry for the constant comparing of RB to my old system, and I know each system has its own way of doing things. I am trying to adapt, as over all, I really really like Radioboss, but for certain things like this, I am having a hard time understanding exactly how to program everything in to get the precision I need.
The part of the system used to create playlists is not all that different to the RB playlist generator, only that they make the distinction between categories (which are normally only used for music), and spot groups, which are used for everything else. But after that, you create a rotation which is basically the same thing as creating a playlist in the playlist generator, and then you create schedules, where you assign a rotation for each hour of the day. You can also tell the system how long it should generate a playlist for. It can be just a few hours, and it will auto create new lists as needed, or you can set it to generate playlists for days on end. From what I understand of RB Scheduler, and how I have had to set it up, I have had to set a task for a playlist to generate and save to file, and then another to play said list at the right time. So, while the scheduling mechanism is different for the two programs, the way you go about creating a playlist is pretty much like creating a rotation in the other system, only that in the other system, I can assign a start time to an event, so it will not start before, but also, if needed will interrupt whatever is playing at the time. But, since I have calculated this out, normally there is nothing to interrupt.
So, coming to Radioboss, it would make sense for me to start the playlist at the beginning of the hour, which I do know how to do in Scheduler. Where I am stuck is how to get the stream to start via dtmf as part of that playlist.
I hope the way I explained how I am doing things now with my old system makes sense, so perhaps you can tell me where I am going wrong and what to do instead, but in a way that will make a bit more sense to me. Sorry for such a long post and for the constant comparing of Radioboss to my old system, but that is the framework I have been using for 10 years, so it's what I know. I really really want to make a full switch, just having a hard time learning the new way of doing things.
Also, I made this post for radioboss desktop, but the ideal thing would be for me to be able to set this up in cloud, and I think I may have just got an idea on how to go about it, though it might be a lot more work than what it should be. If you can implement something that would simplify things, that would be awesome. But, here is my thought.
Create two very short playlists. One with my station id, news boletin, and promos, that should last about 3 minutes, ending with the spot announcing that we are joining the network. Create another playlist for the commercial break. Set playlist 1 to play at the beginning of the hour, followed by stream block 1, then playlist 2 (commercials) followed by stream block 2, followed again by playlist 2 to end the hour. In the Cloud scheduler, I will have to play around with stream start times to get it to start close to where I want, and there could be a slight pause between the end of each playlist, and the start of the stream. This makes a lot more items to have to schedule in an hour, but it's the closest thing I can think to do that will get me close to the results I want.
Again, if there is anything you can implement both in desktop and cloud that would make this easier, that would be awesome.
So, coming to Radioboss, it would make sense for me to start the playlist at the beginning of the hour, which I do know how to do in Scheduler.
This is easy - you create an event, set the start time and that's it. You can also enable the "Start without waiting for the current track to finish" to make it start exactly at the set time. Otherwise, it will start after the currently playing track finishes.
Events have lots of options that affect startup - please refer to this page for a complete list:

Event can be set to start only once, or you can check multiple hours, or define multiple different start times. All this is done in the event properties window (when you add or edit an event).

lso, I made this post for radioboss desktop, but the ideal thing would be for me to be able to set this up in cloud
If you simply need to start a sequence of station ID, news, then stream (for example) then it can be either a single playlist with all those items:
- station ID (can be a Track List entry to make it select different ID each time)
- news block
- the stream

Or you can separate this into multiple playlists and use different events to start it. Start times can be defined as (for example):
12:00:00 - station ID
12:00:05 - news (5 seconds later, but with the queue option so it'll wait for the ID to finish playing)
12:00:10 - stream (5 more seconds later, but it'll actually wait for the news to finish)