End of playlist solution


1. Is there a way to automatically add a new music track when the last song is about to finish?
2. Another solution may be adding a playlist via scheduler every hour. How can I add a track or a playlist AT THE END of main playlist? Not after the current track, but at the end.



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The easiest solution is to always make sure there are enough tracks in the playlist. If you create a new playlist each hour, you can create 80 minute playlist to make sure it has some spare tracks just in case. When next hour playlist is created, it can clear the current playlist contents.


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Hello !

I use this command in one RadioBOSS to add playlists to the end in another RadioBOSS on another computer:

(for example:)
download http://pc6:9000/?pass=???&action=inserttrack&filename=C:\Playlists\2-Utorak\Utorak-06-12.m3u8&pos=-1