Make "File Type" available in Notifications


Could we have the option to include the "File Type" (eg, Sweeper, Jingle etc) in the HTTP Notification system?

eg, send a notification like:

This would allow us to customize the "now playing" message on our website for tracks that don't make sense to display literally. For example:
  • a 5 second sweeper could be ignored instead of updating the track name
  • an advertisement could instead say "Now playing a message from our sponsors" or similar.

Also, would it be possible to have a notification sent when RadioBoss stops playing? For example, when we're broadcasting remotely we don't always use RadioBoss so it would be good to be able to blank the 'Now playing' text on the website (rather than leave the last track displaying for possibly hours).


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Yes, this will be possible, I added it to the list of features for the next version.