Minimum and maximum bpm

Sasa Grbic

Hello Dmitry. I see you fixed the sorting in the Music Library with a screen reader. That works now and it's great. Now I looked much more closely at how many songs I had with -1 bpm. Out of 121208 songs, 24458 of them are with -1 bpm. Is that average or is it still a lot? Could it be a problem that my collection is 99% m4a aac encoded? I have very few mp3 recordings, and they are mostly recordings that I don't have in flac format. Otherwise, I encode all my music to stream on the radio in Aac lc vbrq6, so the highest vbr bitrate.


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Track format is not a problem, the actual problem is that BPM detection algorithm in RadioBOSS is, to put it mildly, far from perfect. We'll work to improve it in the future.